Our Story


cheese-market.jpg Constant chatter is heard all around, stomping of footsteps, hustle and bustle  of city life and laughter. Some of the  most unique smells you could possibly  imagine, accompanied with the sweet  smell of fresh farm produce. If you have  ever ventured into the European market,  this environment might bring back vivid  memories and make you smile. 
Upon returning to Australia, Stephanie and Pierre wanted this atmosphere for Le Fromage Yard.  A new direction of shopping. You are welcomed by staff that are happy to talk and see regulars and new customers alike. They are approachable and more than willing to explain the many varieties of cheese available and help with deciding on what might suit your palette. Not only do we help to find something suitable for each client, but also try and help with food and drinks that could compliment the customers choice.  pierre-and-steph2.jpg
pierre-and-steph.jpg Le Fromage Yard does not have a fixed location, instead venturing to market locations and meeting customers half way. With over 40 lines of cheese, including goat, sheep and cow's milk, we are sure there is something to please everyone. Le Fromage Yard specialising in bringing high quality French cheeses, as well as cheeses from around the Europe to markets in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


If you are yet to visit a market that Le Fromage Yard sell at, put it on your to do list for a unique and delicious experience.