Raclette Cendre

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The Baechler family is a Swiss family that moved to France and have been making cheeses since 1860. Raclette is a semi-hard cheese made on both sides of the French and Swiss Alps. The name Raclette comes from the French word "racler" which means "to scrape ". This particular raclette from Bachler has an ash line through it, similar to the Morbier. BEWARE, the Baechler raclettes will have you fighting your friends for the rind! It is to die for! 

Country of origin: France
Region, town: Lot-et-Garonne, Le Temple-sur-Lot, Le Broc
Source of milk: Cow’s Milk
Texture: Creamy, firm, open and smooth
Flavour: Smoky & nutty
Aging Time: Minimum 2 months

Serving suggestion: Raclette is served melted over small potatoes, vegetables, gherkins, pickled onions and dried meat.

Wine PairingPair with a light red wine or a white Pinot Gris.


Recommended quantity raclette per person - 200-250g 
* NOTE - if French are attending, possibly increase quantities ;)