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We love cheese with more than one milk added. It creates a unique and more complex taste to the cheese and Valdeon is just that - a mix of goat and cow's milk. Incredible to look at, this blue cheese is aged in the natural caves in the mountains and wrapped in a sycamore or chestnut leaves after it has matured. A rich, spicy and strong blue cheese that is slightly similar to roquetfort and can be enjoyed in much the same way.

Country of origin: Spain
Region, town: Castilla y Leon
Source of milk: Goat and Cow's Milk
Texture: Grainy, creamy
Flavour: Sharp, spicy, tangy
Aging time: Minimum 2 months

Serving suggestion: Great in salads, for sauces or enjoyed as is with some fresh fruit.

Wine Pairing: Try with a sherry or strong red.