Beaufort AOP


Beaufort has been celebrated since the Roman era. It takes about 500 litres of milk to make a 40-45 kg wheel of Beaufort. The cheeses are constantly wiped and rubbed with brine. Young cheeses have a mild fruity, sweet taste then the taste become stronger and complex. The pate of the winter cheese is white, whereas the summer cheeses are a pale yellow, due to the cows munching on the alpine flowers.

Country of originFrance
Region, townRhône-Alpes, Savoie
Source of milk: Raw Cow’s Milk
TextureSmooth and creamy texture like Gruyère-style cheeses
Flavour: Very distinct aroma described as strong
Aging time: Minimum 4 months

Serving suggestion: The best way to serve Beaufort is with smoked salmon. A good substitute to crackers would be Beaufort cheese cut in small squares. Like Gruyere, Beaufort melts well and is a very good choice for a cheese fondue or a hot sandwich.

Wine Pairing: Pair with a Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon.

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