Bleu de Laqueuille

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The small charming village of Laqueuille in Auvergne is home to a statue of Antoine Roussel, the son of a local farmer, who in 1850 created this delightful blue. It is made mostly during the French summer and autumn months from pasteurised cow milk. This elegant blue develops a dry, grey, natural rind and a creamy white interior with an even dispersion of blue-green mould throughout. When young the texture is soft and smooth, while the flavour is fresh and creamy with a slightly salty, spicy blue tang. With longer maturation the texture becomes a little crumbly and the flavour will intensify.

Country of origin: France
Region, town: Auvergne
Source of milk: Sheep
Texture: Creamy and smooth
Flavour: Slightly salty with mild acidity
Aging time: minimum 3 months

Serving suggestion: The cheese pairs well with robust reds and dessert wines.


*All our cheeses are cut by hand so the weight may vary slightly :)

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