Chalet du Jura (Mont d'Or style) 250g

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Modeled after one of the most famous cheeses -- Vacherin Mont d'Or. Chalet du Jura is basically a pasteurized version of Vacherin Mont d'Or. Vacherin is a name give to the smaller wheels of cheese made at the end of summer when the cow's milk production declines. The outside of the cheese is wrapped with red pine that actually adds even more character to the cheese. 

Country of origin: France
Region, townFranche-Comte, Metabief
Source of milkCow’s milk
Texture: Soft washed-rind
Flavour: Smooth and rich
Aging time: Minimum 2 weeks

Serving suggestion: Chalet du Jura is a must have for any cheese lover. Must try to bake it, simply add garlic cloves and splash some white wine.

Wine Pairing: Pair with a dry white wine.


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