Gwydir Grove Olive Oil

  • Gwydir Grove Grey Label Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fresh and fruity oil with a gentle herbaceous bitterness and a spicy finish. This oil is ideal for sauces, mayonnaise and dressings where the flavour of olive oil is required.
  • An exciting addition to the Gwydir Grove range of premium Australian olive oils, Gwydir Grove Spicy Chilli & Fresh Lime fusion is created by crushing fresh limes and olives together to extract the oil from both fruits and then blend just enough chilli to add the right balance of heat and intensity.
  • Gwydir Grove Agrumato (with citrus) oils are created in the traditional method by processing the fresh citrus fruits and the fresh olives together. The citrus oil is extracted from the skin of the fruit at the same time as the oil is extracted from the olive.
  • Gwydir Grove are very excited to release a new olive oil to our Fusions Range. To create our Australian Fusions Truffle Olive Oil we combine earthy, pungent truffle oil with our premium extra virgin olive oil to deliver an oil which will enhance any dish with a robust flavour such as mushrooms, cauliflower and venison.
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