Hotos Barrel Aged Feta PDO

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Barrel Aged Feta Cheese P.D.O. is a firm white cheese with a crumbly texture and an authentic rich and tangy flavor. Produced from sheep’s and goat’s milk and matured according to a traditional recipe. It can easily be baked and grilled, giving the potential for endless dishes including salads, pastries, pies or mixed with fresh vegetables. It is rich in proteins, calcium and with great nutritional value.
Matured in beech wood barrels for more than 6 months to offer a more authentic flavor and tangy taste.

Three generations of tradition ...

The Hotos family tradition in cheese-making stretches back three generations, namely to the early 20th century.

It was back then that grandfather George Hotos perfected the secrets of Feta and Manouri cheese-making, drawing from the accumulated knowledge of the tradition of the people of the mountainous region of Samarina.