Monforte - Section 28 Adelaide Hills


For an Australian cheese, Monforte is relatively large, weighing in at 10kg per wheel. After being made in a re-purposed shipping container from locally-sourced milk, the young cheeses are carefully matured in a second shipping container, known affectionately as the “cheese cave”. The cheeses are smeared with a special brine solution every week which helps develop their natural rind and complex texture, producing flavours of roasted hazelnuts and a savoury finish. Maturation takes a minimum of six months, and we look forward to seeing how the characteristics develop further with longer maturation.


Country of origin: Australia
Region, town: Adelaide Hills region, South Australia
Source of milk: Raw Cow's Milk
Texture: semi hard, firm, smooth
Flavour: floral, sweet, slightly nutty,  
Aging time: up to 6 months

Wine Pairing: Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, light Syrah/Shiraz, Sangiovese

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