Organic Extravagant L'artisan

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As a third generation French cheesemaker, ‘terroir’ is important to Matthieu and so choosing organic milk to allow the best expression of that ‘terroir’ is a crucial step in his cheese making process. Matthieu personally selects the finest organic milk from family owned dairies found in the South West of Victoria – a celebrated dairy region of Australia.This milk is handled with the utmost care at every step of the cheese making process. Everything is done by hand at L’Artisan Cheese – Organic, which means every batch, and every cheese receives very special attention.

Extravagant is a hand-ladled triple crème cheese made using local organic whole milk with extra cream added. As a result, you will find under its white mould rind, that it is deliciously creamy, blossoming as it ages with the mushroomy flavor and aroma intensifying and the centre becoming lusciously soft and oozey. Best enjoyed at room temperature, this decadent cheese pairs well with champagne and as the name hints at, is perfect for celebrations or any time you feel like indulging yourself with something extravagant.

Country of originAustralia
Region, town: Victoria
Source of milk: Cow's Milk
Texture: Runny and Oozey
Flavour: Rich, Buttery and Mushroomy

 Perfect with Champagne :)



*All our cheeses are cut by hand so the weight may vary slightly :)