Pork Pâté with Foie Gras - 200g

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The history of Lucien Georgelin pâtés begins 40 years ago, when Lucien Georgelin himself prepared his pâtés in the winter after making his jams in the summer. Discover the delicious range of old preserves from yesteryear.

It is made from high quality ingredients and meat of French origin, the ducks are selected to guarantee beautiful pieces of foie gras, in order to give all its nobility to our Sunday pâté.

This is a pâté for holidays or Sundays as was the custom in the past during family meals. This tradition comes from Henri IV, who used to eat a chicken in a pot on Sunday, which is why our pâté is made with 20% real piece of foie gras.

As soon as the jar is opened, your taste buds will appreciate this surprising smell of pâté of yesteryear that will perhaps remind you of the terrines made by your grandmothers. If you find a little fat in this pâté, it is because it does not contain any additives to fix the fat in the preparation, it is a recipe like at home!