Salted butter Apple with Guerande Salt - 350g Lucien Georgelin

Lucien Georgelin

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Lucien Georgelin has been anchored since the early 1980s in the rich terroir of the Southwest and more particularly that of the Lot-et-Garonne. He started his business by going to local markets and small grocery stores. He then successfully expanded with the collaboration of a daring banker who felt passionate for these local jam products, on the hills of the town Marmande.

Prepared with a high fruit content and choice ingredients, the specialty of Apple with Salted Butter with Guérande Salt will be appreciated by young and old alike, jam lovers. It is a delicious apple taste, sublimated by a salted butter with Guérande salt of choice, that you can enjoy in this preparation. A real temptation that it will be hard to resist after tasting it.