Delice du Jura - Reblochon Style


This cheese (Reblochon style) from Jura, France, is aged in a cellar or cave, where it is turned every two days and washed with brine or whey to speed the aging process. As a result of this process, the rind forms a yellowish, velvety exterior.  Denice du Jura has an exceptionally creamy texture, a nutty aftertaste, and a delicate herbal aroma.

Country of originFrance
Region, town: Jura
Source of milk: cow’s milk
Texture: soft washed-rind
Flavourmild nutty, buttery
Aging time: minimum 2 weeks

Serving suggestion: This cheeses pairs well with crackers and dried fruits. It is best baked on potatoes in a traditional French recipe - La Tartiflette 

Wine Pairing: Pairs well with red Burgundy, light Pinot Noirs and Champagne.


1/2 is approximately 200 to 300g 
1 full is approximately 450 to 550g 
Weight may vary for each induvidual wheel.