Le Fromage Yard's selection of cheeses made from ewe's milk.

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    Fior di Pecura Fior di Pecura

    Fior di Pecura

    Fior di Pecura. Hailing from the heart of Corsica, this exquisite ewe's milk cheese brings with it a rich history dating back over a century. Ewe's milk washed rind. Unique cheese has a thick rind covering a delicious rich, yeasty and salty paste! It is...
    $25.55 - $50.00

  • Fumaison Fumaison


    Introducing Fumaison, an exquisite French cheese hailing from Auvergne, conceived by Patrick Beaumont in 1990. Crafted from the milk of Lacaune sheep, this smoked cheese undergoes a unique maturation process, suspended from the cave ceiling for a...
    $21.00 - $105.00

  • Tomme Brulee Tomme Brulee

    Tomme Brulee


    What a incredible looking cheese! It is easy to see why it is called Tomme Brulee from the beautifully singed rind, just like a brulee. This unique cheese is from the Basque region of France and made from ewe's milk. At the end of maturation, the...
    $25.60 - $102.40


  •  Pecorino Truffle Casco di Bosco  Pecorino Truffle Casco di Bosco

    Pecorino Truffle Casco di Bosco


    This is one of those cheeses that you instantly fall in love with once you have tried - self control will no longer exist! The perfect combination of pecorino and a white truffle that has a distinct perfume. The pecorino with truffle, Cacio di Bosca...
    $23.40 - $117.00


  • Al Romero

    Al Romero

    An interesting semi hard sheep's milk cheese from the south of Spain that is aged in rosemary. Very similar to Manchego, but slightly less dry and with a herby flavour. If you love your Manchego or sheep's milk cheeses, this is a must try!  Country...
    $18.80 - $94.00

  • Pecorino Sardo Maturo DOP

    Pecorino Sardo Maturo DOP


    Pecorino Sardo is a firm cheese from the Italian island of Sardinia which is made from sheep milk: specifically from the milk of the local Sardinian breed. The cheese, after a total aging of six months, has a natural, golden-yellow to dark brown...
    $20.00 - $100.00


  • Manchego Vegamancha AOP Minimum 12 Months

    Manchego Vegamancha AOP Minimum 12 Months


    Manchego is produced in region of La Mancha, south of Madrid and falls under an AOP. The beautiful dark rind has zigzags embedded into it from the tradition of using a grass mould. At this stage of it's life, Manchego becomes crumbly in texture, the...
    $19.00 - $95.00


  • Ossau Iraty Arriou AOP Ossau Iraty Arriou AOP

    Ossau Iraty Arriou AOP


    Ossau Iraty is a ewe's milk cheese that can be made of raw or pasteurised milk. It hails from the Basque region, which is bordering the south-west of France. This semi hard cheese received AOC status in 1980 and PDO status in 1996, which governs the...
    $19.80 - $99.00


  • Roquefort Orchis Roquefort Orchis

    Roquefort Orchis I Le Fromage Yard


    Small production of a strong artisan-made well-marbled blue cheese. Handmade, the producers extract their own penicillium roqueforti from rye bread baked in-house. Like other Roquefort productions, the milk comes solely from the Lacaune breed –...
    $24.00 - $120.00