Buche de Chevre

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Buche de Chevre is an exquisite soft-ripened cheese made from goat's milk and produced in the Centre-Val de Loire region. The white flesh of Buche de Chevre reveals a complex yet typical, bold taste of French goat cheeses.

Country of originFrance
Region, town: La Vernelle, Centre-Val de Loire region
Source of milk: Goat's Milk
TextureCreamy and flaky
Flavour: creamy, tangy and earthy
Aging time: Minimum 2 weeks

Serving suggestion: Buche de Chevre can be served warm on salads or with fruits for dessert. It could also be used as a dressing for quiches and canapés. Simply add some honey to sweeten this bold taste!

Wine Pairing: Pair with a Cabernet Franc red wine, like a Chinon, or with a Sauvignon Blanc.


*All our cheeses are cut by hand so the weight may vary slightly :)