Brick and Mortar

Brick and Mortar

11th Oct 2018

And so the rumours were true! Le Fromage Yard opened a fromagerie in Morningside and we cannot be more excited! This is a big venture for us and we will be looking for every opportunity to make all your cheesy dreams come true. 

Why did we open a shop? We never planned on venturing into a permanent location, but when an opportunity presents itself, it would be stupid to look away! By opening a shop, we allow our market customers and new customers to find us five days a week, instead of waiting for their market fix. We are not able to stock a larger variety of cheeses and also offer accompaniments, like saucisson, pastes, tapenade, sweet garlic, olives, jams, dukkah, oils, pate... ahh the list goes on! And we don't plan to stop there! 

What's next? We will continue to grow our range of cheese and accompanients! We are also working on organising after hours events, like cheese and wine nights and so many other delicious events that you won't know which to attend (go to them all)!!! We can't give all our secrets away, so I guess you'll have to keep you watching this space ;)

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