Kaltbach Appenzeller

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The well-known Appenzeller and one of Switzerland's oldest cheeses, owes its delicately aromatic taste to the treatment with the secret, legendary herb brine. Based on the strictest criteria, only the best wheels are selected and brought to us in the KALTBACH cave. The careful care by the hand of the cave master and the natural climate of the sandstone cave also give the Appenzeller the unique Kaltbach aroma.

Country of origin: Switzerland
Region, town: Kaltbach
Source of milk:Cow
Texture: Dense, crystalised, slightly crumbly
Flavour: Rich, nutty, herbaceous, spicy, slightly salty,
Aging time: minimum 7 months

Serving suggestion: Many of these rich, Swiss cheeses are a great pairing with fresh fruit! Try with some pear or apple and it will be a pairing made in heaven. This cheese is also great melting, so perfect in a toastie, quinche, tart or gratin!

Wine pairing: This is a fantastic pairing with a riesling or a brut cider. If you are prefer your reds, go more with something fruity from a Pinot Noir or a Rhone.