Le Fleuret

Fromagerie Chèvrefeuille

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This thin natural rind cheese has a fluffy, creamy outter texture, which conceals a fudge like center. When young, this cheese can be more fudgey, crumblier and slightly acidic. As this cheese ages, the flavour won't intensify too much, but the texture will change to a more oozy, runny spreadable version of itself (think Champagne Rose or Epoisses texture).

For me, this cheese makes me think of La Tur (expectional Italian 3 milk cheese).

Country of origin: France
Region, town: Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Saint-Martial-de-Valette
Source of milk: Goat's Milk
Texture: Creamy, fudgey, runny
Flavour: Slightly acidic, subtle, tangy
Aging: 3 to 5 weeks

Our Suggestion: A majority of the time, think most things can pair with so many varieties, but this cheese is just perfection with some crusty bread and a beautiful glass or white wine or champagne. Keep it simple with this one.