Abondance AOP

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Tomme d'Abondance or Abondance is a medium-sized mountain cheese from the Haute Savoie region of France in the Rhone-Alps. For centuries, this deep golden cheese has been made in mountain chalets, near the border between France and Switzerland. It is made exclusively from unpasteurised milk produced by the Abondance breed of cattle. Since 1990, the cheese has been enjoying the prestigious AOC designation. The handcrafted, wheel shaped cheese, is made using traditional methods only in the geographical area specified by AOC/PDO label.

Country of origin: France
Region, town:Haute-Savoie, Abondance
Source of milk: Raw Cow’s milk
Texture: creamy, open and supple
Flavour: acidic, buttery, fruity, sweet and nutty 
Aging time: at least 100 days 

Serving suggestion: Abondance can be eaten straight off, or added to salads or melted in Berthoud. A very special cheese, it pairs well with Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. Also great in a crusty baguette and ham.