Epoisses AOP

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Epoisses de Bourgogne is a soft cow’s milk cheese produced in the village Époisses, France. Commonly called as Epoisses, the cheese has creamy, smooth and firm texture. With a distinctive soft orangey colour, it is categorized as a smear-ripened cheese washed in marc de Bourgogne. It takes at least 6 weeks to mature fully.

Country of originFrance
Region, townBourgogne, Époisses
Source of milk: Cow’s Milk
Texture: Smooth, creamy and firm
FlavourSalty, spicy, sweet, rich
Aging time: At least 6 weeks

Serving suggestion: Époisses is best served with raisin bread or with warm crusty bread.

Wine Pairing: This cheese goes well with beer, with a white wine from Burgundy, a sweet wine such as Sauternes, or a Marc de Bourgogne's spirit. 


*All our cheeses are cut by hand so the weight may vary slightly :)

4 Reviews

  • 5
    Epoisses AOP YUM!

    Posted by Moesha on 23rd Jul 2020

    The cheese itself has a pungent (almost dirsty shoe like) aroma but the taste of this cheese is sublime. IT smooth and creamy, with a mild taste. It went amazingly with quince paste and crusty bread. Its a must try!

  • 5

    Posted by Shane Dennis Reiche on 17th May 2020

    Amazing, gooey and full of flavour. Beautiful cheese. Hard to fault.

  • 4

    Posted by Matt on 5th Jun 2018

    Apparently the favourite of Napoleon, and I can see why.

  • 5
    Oh heaven

    Posted by Di on 22nd Feb 2018

    This cheese is the best, smoothest, and yummiest soft centered cheese I have tasted in a long time. Although a slight smell once you have tasted the creamy smooth centre that just melts in your mouth.

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