L'etivaz AOP


The Rolls Royce of Gruyere has arrived! L'etivaz is a very traditional and incredible cheese, that was the first Swiss product (except wine) to be awarded AOC status in 1999. One of our favourites at Le Fromage Yard, this raw cow's milk cheese has characteristic aromatic/fruity taste with slight hints of nuts that can vary slightly from Alp to Alp depending on the food given to the cows. For a sensational rich cheese, give it a go!

Country of origin: Switzerland
Region, town: Vod Canton
Source of milk: Raw cow's milk
Texture: Smooth, creamy, semi hard
Flavour: Fruity, nutty (hazelnut), sweet 
Aging time: 5 to 13 months

Serving suggestion: Keep it simple and serve on a cheeseboard with some crusty bread.

Wine Pairing: Wash this cheese down with a light, crisp red or chardonnay.

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