Brillat Savarin 500g

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This triple cream white mould was created in the 1930’s by Henri Androuët and named after the renowned 18th Century food writer, Brillat-Savarin who claimed ‘A meal without some cheese is like a beautiful woman with only one eye’. The cheese is mild in flavour when young but as it matures it will develop rich, complex flavours that meld beautifully together. The white velvety mould encases a soft and creamy interior. During maturation the rind may develop small patches of orange mould.

Country of origin: France
Region, town: Burgundy, Gilly-Lès-Citeaux
Source of milkCow’s milk
TextureCreamy, smooth and supple
Flavour: Buttery, creamy, milky
Aging time: Minimum 3 weeks

Serving suggestion: Brillat Savarin is the ideal cheese to feature on a board for soft cheese lovers. It will pair well with fresh breads, crackers and fresh fruits. This is a great cheese to try new pairings with.

Wine Pairing: Serve this creamy, full flavoured cheese with a glass of sparkling wine.

4 Reviews

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    Fluffy Clouds of White encase a mousse like delight

    Posted by Claire Taccone on 6th Apr 2021

    Will Studd is not wrong about this one. And 500g is not too much to order, so go ahead, add to cart! A thin and completely edible rind cuts easily, without any resistance or rubbery cheese underneath. What you will find is a layer of snow white mousse with an almost liquid, but slightly tart goats-cheese-like centre. Ditch the cracker and eat off the back of your spoon.

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    Posted by Fiona Armstrong on 28th Dec 2020


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    The best cheese ever

    Posted by Thomas Brown on 28th Sep 2020

    My parents who live in CQ love this so much, i have it sent up to them for every occasion (birthdays, mother/father day, xmas, etc). Brilliant cheese and great service from Le Fromage Yard.

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    My favourite cheese

    Posted by Shannon on 17th May 2020

    My favourite way of serving this is on fresh fruit bread after keeping out of the fridge for 15 or so mins on a warm day. This cheese is amazingly creamy with a mild smell but plenty of taste.