Petit Brillat Savarin Rouzaire

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Rouzaire Brillat Savarin is made from whole milk with added crème fraîche. When young the texture is dense, the rind is mild and the flavour has a pleasant crème fraîche tang. As it matures, the rind blooms and becomes spicy, and the texture is like a rich, buttery mousse. For an indulgent breakfast, try Brillat-Savarin smeared on dense fruit bread, served with strawberries and Champagne.



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  • 5
    Delicious and indulgent

    Posted by Brillat-Savarin on 17th Mar 2022

    Be careful, you'll never be able to enjoy supermarket brie or camembert again after trying this. The smooth texture and depth of flavor are on another level to everyday commercial cheeses.

  • 5
    A Deliciously Tasty Brie

    Posted by Michelle Baker on 10th Feb 2022

    If you like a tasty brie, this is a heavenly cheese. The older, the better. Enjoy!!

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    Delicious little Cheese

    Posted by Maureen Bradshaw on 21st Jun 2021

    Perfect on my. Winter cheese platter last evening. I warmed it a little in an oven I’d turned off half an hour earlier. and popped it back in the box, took the lid off….. guests raved as the dipped perfectly plain crispy lavash pieces into it!