Camembert Calvados Graindorge 250g

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This traditional surface ripened cheese is handmade to the authentic Camembert recipe that Normandy is famous for & washed in a local apple brandy known as Calvados. The unique Normandes milk of the La Manche region gives this cheese round grassy flavours and its famous Brassica aroma.

Country of originFrance
Region, town: Normandy, Livarot
Source of milk: Cow’s milk
Texture: Creamy, soft ripened and supple
Flavour: Buttery, creamy, smooth
Aging time: 5 - 8 weeks

Serving Suggestion: Melted in a Pasta Risotto with fresh apples, or fresh with crackers and apples. 

Wine Pairing: pair with Dry apple cider, Calvados, Champagne or Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc.