Camembert Fermier Jouvence I Le Fromage Yard


This farmhouse camembert is made according to traditional methods and has a supple and creamy texture. The rind is white, cream in color and rusty on the ridge. With its intense stable and farmhouse notes, the cheese is a real delight on the palate. It ripened for a least 26 days.

Country of origin: France
Region, townIle de France, La Boissière-Ecole
Source of milkCow’s milk
Texture: Supple and creamy
FlavourButtery, creamy, smooth
Aging timeminimum 26 days

Serving suggestion: Silky and oozing on the plate they are delicious with a crispy piece of bread and some olives. Try sprinkling with a little oil and garlic slices and cook olive -This cheese is excellent roasted - Perfect for the picnic.

Wine Pairing: Pair with a Blonde Beer or a Cider to change!

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