Chilli Jam 350g

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H A N D M A D E ~ by ~ S t o n e & L e a
Using traditional recipes

Stone & Lea’s Chilli Jam is handmade using farm fresh produce locally sourced in South East Queensland at the Brisbane Markets. We use the ripest tomatoes blended with habanero chillies slow cooked using traditional jamming methods without preservatives or added pectin. The sweetness of this jam brings out the mild flavour of the tomatoes while the contrast of the medium heat from the chillies compliments the rich flavour that is a sure favourite among Chilli Jam lovers.

*Enjoy on your favourite cheese platter, or drizzled over pan fried chicken

Ingredients: Tomatoes, white sugar, chilli, water, lemon juice

*Medium heat

*Gluten free

*Preservative free

*Vegan friendly

*No added pectin