Nectarine + Passionfruit Jam 350g

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H A N D M A D E ~ by ~ S t o n e & L e a
Using traditional recipes

1st Prize winner 2017 Redcliffe Show

Stone & Lea's Nectarine + Passionfruit Jam is handmade using seasonal Australian grown white/yellow flesh Nectarines and fresh Passionfruit grown in the Sunshine Coast. Combining the two brings out the true rich flavours of both fruits, complimenting each other beautifully, while having a lovely texture and zing for those who love the crunchiness of Passionfruit seeds, available only while Stone Fruits are at their best in season ranging from December - March so don't miss out!

*enjoy served on scones with cream or in a homemade jam slice

Ingredients: Nectarines, passionfruit pulp/seeds, lemon juice, white sugar, water

*Gluten free

*Preservative free

*Vegan friendly

*No added pectin