Driftwood 180g (Organic)

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Soft rennet-set cheese with spruce-bark belt, made in the style of French Vacherin/Mont d’Or. The flavour is mild, grassy and mushroomy when young, intensifying and developing earthy, meaty, woodsy, umami flavours as it ripens. The texture also develops with age, starting off semi-soft & pliable when young, but developing a more flowing, ozzy, creamy texture with age. Mottled rind and mould on bark belt is perfectly safe to eat and a natural & delicious aspect of this cheese.


Country of origin: Australia
Region, town: Castlemaine, Victoria
Source of milk: Cow's milk
Texture: Semi-soft, velvety, ozzy, creamy
Flavour:From buttery, grassy, mushroomy to earthy, meaty and umami
Aging time: roughly 4 weeks

Serving suggestion: Can be eaten fresh or baked.

Wine Pairing: Great variation for pairing. From crisp whites, to aged Riesling or Champagne or aromatic whites like Gewurztraminer or viognier. If you prefer a red, try something a little lighter like Pinot Noir.