Gascon Pate with Armagnac and Agen Plums - 220g

Lucien Georgelin

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The history of Lucien Georgelin pâtés begins 40 years ago, when Lucien Georgelin himself prepared his pâtés in the winter after making his jams in the summer. Discover the delicious range of old preserves from yesteryear.

The Gascon pâté with armagnac and Agen prunes is a tribute to the department of Lot et Garonne. Just after cooking, the warm prunes are plunged into Armagnac. They will thus be consumed all year round as a digestif… It's up to you to discover them in our pâté. Our pâté is always cooked in the heart of the South-West, in our workshops in Virazeil in Lot et Garonne. This delicious pâté gives your meal all the friendly Gascon flavors, it can be enjoyed with pleasure as well as a starter or picnic.