Occelli In Foglie Di Castagno

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This firm, crumbly, rich Italian cheese is made from cow and either goat's or ewe's milk -  depending on what is available at the time! This creates a truly unique wheel every time. It is then left to mature for about a year and a half and ends up with a fudgey, slightly brown coloured paste. Each shapes is then refined in chestnut leaves which transform and enrich them with a marked and exceptional taste. A beautiful combination of long lasting savouriness, slight herbaceousness and with hints of chestnut. It also goes well with great Langa wines, but also with a great dark craft beer.

Country of origin: Italy
Region, town: Piedmont
Source of milk: Cow's Milk & either Goat or Ewe's milk depending on availability
Texture: crumbly, firm, cream
Flavour: rich, sweet, nutty
Aging time: Roughly 18 months