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Small production of a strong artisan-made well-marbled blue cheese. Handmade, the producers extract their own penicillium roqueforti from rye bread baked in-house. Like other Roquefort productions, the milk comes solely from the Lacaune breed – whose yield is notably large compared to other breeds – creating an intense, powerfully flavoured cheese. Perhaps fruitier and better balanced than other Roqueforts, the pate switchbacks beautifully between the creamy curds and grittier blue moulds. A truly individual cheese.

Country of originFrance
Region, town: Roquefort
Source of milk: Raw Sheep
TextureCreamy and smooth
FlavourSlightly salty with mild acidity
Aging time: Minimum 3 months

Serving suggestionSpread it on a crisp piece of Baguette. Drizzle a bit of honey on top to add a sweet companion to the cheese's natural saltiness. Add it to green salads or enjoy with some fig and nuts.

Wine PairingBest paired with sweeter styles of wine, traditionally Sauternes.


*All our cheeses are cut by hand so the weight may vary slightly :)

1 Review

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    Nice blue

    Posted by Angela May on 4th Jan 2016

    I am not a huge fan of blue cheeses but this is one is really really nice.

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