Peach + Vanilla Bean Jam 350g

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H A N D M A D E ~ by ~ S t o n e & L e a
Using traditional recipes

Stone & Lea’s Peach + Vanilla Bean Jam is handmade using Australian grown seasonal white and yellow flesh peaches, using the freshest produce and slow cooking using traditional jamming method intensifies the peach flavour while the split & scraped vanilla bean pod sourced from Papua New Guinea give it a delicate essence and mild after tone. We only make Peach + Vanilla Bean Jam while stone fruits are in season and at its best so be sure to stock up in the months from November - March while available!

*Enjoy served on fruit bread or with scones and cream

Ingredients: Peaches, white sugar, water, lemon juice, vanilla bean seed

*Gluten free

*Preservative free

*Vegan friendly

*No added pectin