Manchego Vegamancha AOP Minimum 12 Months

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Manchego is produced in region of La Mancha, south of Madrid and falls under an AOP. The beautiful dark rind has zigzags embedded into it from the tradition of using a grass mould. At this stage of it's life, Manchego becomes crumbly in texture, the interior acquires a butterscotch colour and has a sharp, sweet, nutty, tangy, lingering taste.

Country of originSpain
Region, townLa Mancha
Source of milk: Sheep's milk
TextureFirm, grainy and crumbly
FlavourSweet, tangy and nutty
Aging timeMinimum 60 days

Serving Suggestion: Like to mix sweet and savoury? Pair this rich sheep's milk cheese with quince, it is heaven!

Wine Pairing: If you are looking for something to drink with this cheese, try a sherry, it will compliment nicely. 



 *All our cheeses are cut by hand so the weight may vary slightly :)