Tête de Moine AOP (Monk's Head)


Tete de Moine is an incredible, Swiss, raw milk cheese! With a dense texture, it has a seriously intense fruity flavour and pungent smell. Definitely one of the stronger Swiss cheeses and not only does it pair well with fresh or dried fruits, but looks sensationally on a platter when curled into rosettes or used a table centerpiece for dessert.

Country of origin: Switzerland
Region, town: Jura Bernois, Saint Imier
Source of milk: Cow’s Milk
Texture: Fine and unctuous
Flavour: Pure and aromatic, more advanced with age.
Aging Time: Minimum 75 days

Serving suggestion: A great addition to a platter !

Wine Pairing: Pair with a fruity red wine, like a Beaujolais, Cote du Rhone or even a stronger Bordeaux!


Add your girolle to create rosettes for $10 (normally $20 each).

The Tête de Moine should not be cut but scraped directly after being taken out of the refrigerator in fine rosettes. Whole grinders are usually split in half before being placed on the Girolle.

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