Pâté de Campagne (Country style pâté) - 220g Lucien Georgelin

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The history of Lucien Georgelin pâtés begins 40 years ago, when Lucien Georgelin himself prepared his pâtés in the winter after making his jams in the summer. Discover the delicious range of old preserves from yesteryear.

The country pâté is cooked in the old-fashioned way, it is prepared in the heart of Lot et Garonne (47) with 100% French meat, selected ingredients and high quality. The delicious country pâté gives your meal all the convivial flavors of the South West. It can be enjoyed as a starter or a picnic. As soon as the jar is opened, you will be able to appreciate this surprising smell of pâté of yesteryear, it will perhaps remind you of the terrines made by your grandmothers.This homemade pâté is made without additives, which explains the fat visible on the top.