Cheese Platters & Catering: Elevate Your Event! Create unforgettable moments with our exquisite cheese platters. Book now! Available for pick up in store only.

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  • Deluxe Cheese and Charcuterie Box

    Deluxe Cheese and Charcuterie Box for 6-8 PAX

    Elevate your gathering to a gourmet experience with our Deluxe Cheese and Charcuterie Box, designed to delight the taste buds of six to eight people. This thoughtfully curated box features a harmonious combination of premium cheeses, savory charcuterie,...

  • Picnic Box for Two

    Picnic Box for Two

    Savor the essence of European charm with our picnic box for Two. Crafted with a selection of exquisite cheeses, paired with gourmet accompaniments, this box is your gateway to a delightful and culturally-rich dining experience. Ideal for a romantic...